you caught me under false pretenses;how long before you let me go?
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During the song ‘Angel’ performance at 2013 TEEN TOP No. 1 Asia Tour in Seoul, a surprise event was planned. Teen Top members didn’t know what was going on, and so when the music stopped after C.A.P’s rap part, they continued on singing and interacting with Angels trying to cover for this “technical issue.” They finally realized that there was a surprise event after a different song started playing to accompany the video showed on the big screen.

Not only did this moment show how professional Teen Top is, it also showed how capable and talented they are. Both Chunji and Niel, as the main vocalists of the group, sang without music and/or MR and they carried on the song fully with all the ad libs and harmonization. The other members were all engaged and entertained the fans. Despite what others may say about Teen Top, what I hear and see with my own senses are the reasons I am such a big fan.

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do you ever have that one member of the group who isn’t really your bias but there’s something about them that just

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